martes, 11 de agosto de 2015

Sonorous Universe

o   Have you ever thought, just before getting asleep, that you are soon to hush the whole Universe?
  •     What do you mean?
o   Every night, when I close my eyes a powerful thought runs in my mind before losing myself in dreams. I see myself silencing the entire Cosmos. Can you imagine that?
  •    That's artful thinking and it can be deceitful. But I understand what you are saying and feeling.
o   Do you? Did you know that the silence, or the lack of sound in space resides inside the ear of the beholder? Sound can and does travel through space - it is not the total vacuum we are usually given to believe.
  •    Is that right? Death must be fairly quiet. Are you saying hearing a sound depends on our perception?
o   I'm not sure of that; I would just say that we might not hear the same. Like old people, they often miss high-pitched sounds. Maybe someday you'll find what truly happens, and teach it to the rest of us.
  •   I'll play with you just for good's sake. Suppose you do silence the Universe when sleeping. Yet internal stimuli in your body can arouse a memory, which makes me wonder if the brain is capable of incorporating sounds from memories to dreams. If this is true, then you can't get the Cosmos to be entirely quiet. Inside you somehow there is sound or just a simulation of it, but still, you are hearing.
o   It makes sense. I think so. I thought we would spend hours pondering on this.
  •  We can. Go for the next thing that intrigues your mind.
o   What I was trying to say in the beginning is that the thought rushing through my mind scares me. I wonder what will happen while I'm not awake. What crazy things must occur in the vast Universe? I think I am more conscious of our fragility when I wonder if I'll ever experience life again. I can die, and my life can end, just snap. Unlike the universe, I have a mind to lose, as far as I know that is something we do not share with it. I think of it as a contradiction because it feels marvelous when you get to clear your mind and say: tonight I don't care anymore.
  •     You know I think is a good thing when we encounter a deep contradiction within our thoughts. It shows we are not letting things get past us. We are not to be afraid. If it goes in and we let it take control, everything becomes unexciting.
o   Sometimes is too overwhelming. Haven't you ever feel frighten by looking at a beautiful sunset? It's not unhelpfulness or sadness lurking around what triggers that fear. In me, there is an active awareness and commotion that says: this should never be observed as ordinary or mundane phenomena. A daily event, so powerful sometimes I think that's why our people vastly ignore it. Why do people fancy imagination so much? I wonder, compared to this. But being so awake during those brief minutes of daylight can overpower any mind.   
  •    Is that dangerous? Or is it one of the many reasons we are here now? People admiring the complexity of nature even when they feel terrify of it. And people favouring imagination have discovered and described the explanations of many complex marvels.
The youths heard steps coming from the hall. Someone must have heard them talking. But no one else inside the room seemed to be awake. But they wouldn't risk their weekend passes. They went to sleep right away.
They spent two days with their families. The younger one had a deaf cousin, since birth. The day was wearing out; with signs the child asked his father if the sunset had sound. The father replied: no.
The young one directed his eyes straight to the floor and listened as he meditated on the question. At first he thought: “living is too intense”. A couple of minutes later he couldn't stop smiling; he remembered the chat he had with his friend at the station. "The Universe is never quiet," he said to his uncle. "Listen to the birds, the insects and frogs, the sound of the wind flowing through the grass and flowers". 
- Written by J.F.G.M.